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to discover what makes me tick.
I'm an early riser who enjoys milking every second out of my day. Compartmentalizing does happen, but not on a rigid schedule.  I'd describe myself as flexibly organized.  

Little things bring me joy.  Sitting on a beach watching waves roll onto shore is blissful to me.  By the same token, I could root down in front of a computer designing a webpage all afternoon and bask in the deep sense of accomplishment that comes with expressing my creative side at work.

I believe it's important to be kind, tolerant and helpful.  Those are the building blocks to authenticity.  Conflict encourages chaos, so I do my best to defuse it, not fan the flames.  Philosophy is one of my favorite topics because it teaches how to handle any scenario employing reason.  Math ranks up there too.  

A first generation American, I grew up part of the lower economic class but I never felt poor. My parents were law abiding Dominican immigrants who toiled for every penny earned.  I rarely spent time with my dad, because he worked seven days a week.   My mother, who eventually became a U.S. citizen, quit her factory job when I was born to take care of me.  I have two older brothers who were held to an even stricter standard than I was by my parents.  In any case, they grew to be two of the most honorable men I have ever met.  

While attending Manhattan College, at the age of 20, I became a wife.  I met my husband in high school senior year.   I often joke I hooked him the minute he stepped off the boat.  My partner was born and raised in Poland.  He'd only been in the country a year before committing to me.   Since, he's become a citizen, works in the financial services industry and volunteers as a part-time deputy sheriff.  

For the first decade of our marriage, we worked hard, but played even harder.  Our union never felt like an obligation, because we had so much fun growing up together.  It was a true friendship.  We traveled all over the world, supported each other through career changes and challenged ourselves to step out of our comfort zones to do things like sign up for jiu-jitsu lessons, often facing off in rendori (a defense drill).

Towards the end of that initial decade, I gave birth to the first of our three children.  Life quickly changed in a radical way.  The ten years that followed we became preoccupied with growth charts, school meetings and soccer games.  We developed a taste for road trips.  Our dollar didn't stretch as far with three additional dependents, so budget friendly vacations to the Poconos and local beach towns became family favorites, and remains so to this day.
Now, my children are older and they don't need mom as much.  Cue the blog.  It's a space where I can share news about myself and the world around me.  Besides embarking on this internet adventure, I've written a book and have begun shopping it around.  You can read an excerpt below.

Be courageous and bold in everything you do.  Change happens once you're brave enough to try something new.   Thank you for showing me your support and visiting my website.

Sending you an ocean of blessings,