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House and Gardens
Early 19th century estate ignites American history curiosity.
Sitting on a 68 acre spread in Garrison, New York, is a dark yellow four-bedroom house. It’s not your average home. The Neoclassical mansion took nearly five years to build from 1804-1808. The original owner, States Morris Dyckman, didn’t even get a chance to see it completed. Dyckman died in 1806. Elizabeth Corne Dyckman brought her late husband’s project to fruition. Making it possible for you to compare how American aristocracy lived then minus conveniences, such as electricity and central air conditioning, that the typical family enjoys 200 years later.

Boscobel started out as a landmark in Montrose, NY. Dilapidated by the 1950’s, it was purchased for $35 by a demolition contractor at an auction. Philanthropist Lila Acheson Wallace, among other preservationists, partnered to save the home, which was carefully taken apart and relocated to its current address. Since 1961, Boscobel has been open to the public serving as a museum home example of Federal-style architecture (1780-1830), including featuring furniture and art from that period.    

Geographically, the Garrison site is part of the Revolutionary War narrative. It’s where the Great Chain stretching from Constitution Island to West Point’s shore kept the British at bay. Sit on a bench and enjoy an elevated view of the Hudson River while imagining how the Patriots (colonists) clashed with the Loyalists (British sympathizers).  Boscobel offers educational programs where kids can participate in a reenactment. Guides use an 80 square foot map with miniature figures of boats and key military players during the war that earned the 13 colonies independence from England.  

Upon entering the historical grounds, the vast open landscape offers itself up as a visual buffet. Greenery sprawls out before guests, like a welcoming blanket, ready for a picnic or an afternoon nap. Shapely mountains in the distance indicate it’s a special place. There’s serenity, along with texture, dimension, character and color that enlivens visitors. An innate awareness of one’s kinship with nature awakens. That’s the magic of Boscobel. An impeccably manicured property featuring tastefully positioned gems about the outdoor space. A romantic orangery and herb garden with free roaming vines waves over bystanders to approach and experience it more intimately. The drama sits at the center of the estate with an elegant fountain surrounded by rose bushes. Then there’s the terracotta overlook promising a closer look at the majestic mounds on the horizon. Disappear onto a woodland trail that snakes about for a mile. Grab a trail map which provides brief information regarding animal and plant species occupying the 29 acres of the forest land.

Boscobel is open from spring through early winter. Hours of operation vary by season. The property is closed Tuesdays and Christmas. Admission to enter the house, explore the gardens, plus exhibition: $17 adults, $8 children; to access only gardens & exhibition: $11 adults, $5 children. During the summer for a cost, watch plays, concerts or attend a yoga class. On Saturdays, the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market runs from 8:30-1:30pm, entry is free. Vendors take down their tents in the fall. 

Location: 1601 Route 9D, Garrison, NY 10524   Contact: (845) 265-3638
  1. Revolutionary War Map
    Revolutionary War Map
  2. Boscobel Foyer
    Boscobel Foyer
  3. Hudson View
    Hudson View
House and Gardens