Legoland Discovery Center

The Ridge Hill location makes this attraction appealing to families because of nearby amenities.

Housed in a large outdoor mall surrounded by popular retail stores and restaurant chains, Legoland makes it somewhat convenient to pop in.  Guests must purchase tickets online a day in advance and reserve a time slot.  Sticklers for crowd control, even if you arrive early, you will not be allowed in.   Walk ups can try their luck, but risk being turned away if the play center has reached full capacity.

Smaller than expected for the price, there are only four rooms if you don't count the reception hall and gift shop.  Everyone walks into a creativity area first.  Touch screen computers allow visitors to design Lego images.  There's a wheel people can crank to see small colored balls dance and a presser that makes molds.  

The Kingdom Quest Laser Ride is the most popular activity.  A driving course, kids sit in a moving cart aiming laser weapons at images of trolls and skeletons to rescue a kidnapped princess.

Being that the facility is geared towards kids, one area adults truly appreciate is MINILAND, a recreation of the NYC skyline made out of 1.5 million Legos.  Intermittently the lights dim and it becomes Gotham at night.  Fireworks are projected on a wall for added drama. The plastic landscape has a few interesting features such as moving cranes and Lego men manipulating a bouncing jackhammer.  A few displays are interactive.  With the press of a button, guests can do things like pitch a baseball in a miniature Yankee Stadium.

The main room is where the time suck happens.  Kids disappear into a big soft play area in the center of the large hall.  Adults are not allowed to enter.  Staff stands on guard at the entrance keeping track of who comes in and goes out.  Children may exit only when a parent comes to claim them.  Once satisfied jumping around, kids can venture to one of several recreation stations where a variety of blocks await, including a race track.  There is a nook for little children who are too young to enjoy the closed-in play space. It has a slide perfect for toddlers.  Karaoke is available for budding singers.

Merlin’s Apprentice Ride offers visitors an elevated spin.  Only 12 people can get on at a time.   The drawback is an attendant must go to each rider to unlock them from their seat belt and it takes a long time. 

Don't forget to catch the 4-D Lego movie.  That, along with MINILAND, and seeing the smile on your kid's face, make up for the entrance fee.

Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester is a place kids enjoy.  Not so for parents.  If you live a stone’s throw away and have the money to spare, go for the annual pass. Locals will get more bang for their buck over the winter when cabin fever sets in and kids need a diversion.  Otherwise, one visit will suffice for out of towners who desire the bragging rights.  
The site does Minifigure Trading.  Anyone can swap an old Lego character for a new one. Ask any of the Team Members at the Discovery Center for help.

There is an indoor cafe, but with so many restaurants to choose from when you walk outside, you may want to skip it.  Visitors are not allowed to bring food inside Legoland.
If you plan to drive, there's an indoor parking lot that charges $3 for the whole day. Traveling by train, take the Metro North to the Yonkers station, but you'll have to transfer to the #78 bus at Getty Square.

Legoland Discovery Center is located at 39 Fitzgerald Street, Yonkers, NY 10710
Contact: 866-243-0770

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester